i-Guard cyber security client is a windows service.
It is directly deployed from i-Guard’s management console to endpoint

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Really impressive technology

i-Guard technology is base on Artificial Intelligence and help you to fight efficiently against cyber threats. i-Guard is base on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology and at the opposite of a classical AV protection doesn’t need to know threats digital signatures to be efficient. Its Artifial Intelligence is directly installed in the hearth of each network’s enpointand protects enterprise againts both known and un Known new threats (like ransomwares, wipers, DDos attacks…). More, i-Guard offers a full visibility of all security elements from all your endpoints. Administrator is able, to see and act on all security purposes directly from hte secure administration console.i-Guard is also a self learning brain able to stop inside and outside networks’ cyber threats. You can manage i-Guard from a single computer, a windows server and evne from a simple i-Phone: all you need is to be connected to your network or workgroup.

i-Guard is a comprehensive endpoints cyber protection solution against all kind of threats: malware, ransomware, cryptware, spyware and other unkonown cyber threats.
i-Guard is based on artificial Intelligence, not on malware signatures. It performs a profiling of the devices on the network to be protected, learns the suspected normal behaviors of the network and will only alert the administrator and block the threat if detected.

It is based on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology and protects the enterprise against known or unknown threats, internal or external, and offers a fine visibility of the entire network to the administrator
In addition to its self-learning capability, one of the great features of i-Guard is its administrative console, designed to make life easier for administrators by providing a complete view of their network and feedback tools. Different monitoring modes are thus available depending on the typology of the stations or servers to be protected. All settings are made in a few clicks.
The administrator can manage one or several networks from a standard device, but also from an iPad or an iPhone.

Management console installation

Deployment of the artificial intelligence module on endpoints in one or more networks

Protection of physical and virtual servers running Windows 2008/2012/2016

Blocking new threats
Malwares (Ransomware, Cryptware ...), Zero Day attacks, Advanced Persitent Threats (APT) ...

Cyber protection of both physical and virtual endpoints running on Windows 7/8/10

Blocage menaces inconnues Malwares, virus, troyens ... dont la signature n'est pas connue

Breaking technology

Artificial Intelligence : our intelligent engine is making its own decisions

Remotely manage your security from a mobile device

Manage cyber security events of your network from anywhere in the world with a single Windows Phone or an iPhone

Blocking and management of USB ports

USB flow management and implementation of a DLP policy (Data Loss Prevention)

i-Guard is an innovative solution to protect your endpoints. It is based on new Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology an on Artificial intelligence.

Not a day without an attack, no matter the size of the company or the administration. The great mutation of the corporate networks in terms of accessibility to the information of its salaried users makes necessary to multiply the points from which the networks can be reached. These are all potential access points for a malicious intruder. The data is everywhere, on multiple media and all machines must be protected, whether connected to the corporate network or not.
New threats including personalized and highly targeted malware attacks are designed to bypass traditional antivirus solutions. These are not very effective against hackers and hackers. Their operation by signatures obliges to regular updates which are so many avowed faults.
In this context, early detection of threats with new tools has become an essential component of the company’s data security and IT network. By detecting, analyzing and neutralizing threats before they reach their goals, i-Guard offers the most advanced solution to current IT security issues.

i-Guard is a unique solution in the market where the intelligent engine alone makes decisions while allowing the network administrator or RSSI to modify and improve the decision if it deems it necessary. A management console makes using i-Guard particularly simple.

i-Guard is the only cross-platform, intelligent French security solution to prevent internal and external threats to: block, encrypt, hack and spy on your network and PCs. The tool is self-learning and does not need antivirus software to be functional. He acts alone and learns the behaviors of the software in place.
Thanks to its self-learning and artificial intelligence, the adaptive capabilities of this 100% French software also allow autonomous evolution of replicas to threats and to adapt them according to the nature and the extent of the detected attacks. Proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP), security event management on machines, protection against Zero-day attacks and advanced threat protection (Advance Threat Defense – ATD).
i-Guard protects all servers, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones (ordiphones). Ultra fine machine-by-machine protection and advanced security visibility through the managent console to instantly detect the most advanced threats, blocking the loss of sensitive data and the risk of data destruction on machines.

i-Guard offers a management console that can be accessed simultaneously from several machines: iPhone, tablet, smartphone, PC … From the management console, you have the possibility to block malicious applications both internal and external to the company against encryption, copying, accessing, or transmitting sensitive data. In addition, extreme security technology provides visibility into a variety of events, including access to application activity and operating system.

Installation and operation of i-Guard solution is very simple. The software searches for and identifies the machines on the network. Then, from the administrative console, it is sufficient to select the servers and terminals to be protected. i-Guard will perform a profiling of the installed software and validate it or not. This console works directly from a simple smartphone, tablet or of course a PC.
3 operating modes settles can coexist on the network depending on the machines and the type of customer. Normal mode, trusted editor mode and Strict mode.
– The normal mode (Recommended), lets i-Guard’s artificial intelligence to handle the whole issue of endpoints cyber security. i-Guard takes decisions alone but the administrator receives events while having the ability to act on them.
– Trusted Editors mode allows you to install and update trusted softwares. The network administrator can add a software to the trusted list and i-Guard will allow it to run, while monitoring it. Software not validated by i-Guard is blacklisted and can not run or update.
– Strict mode totally blocks deployement and updates of endpoint softwares (included operating system) in the security state that has been established by i-Guard and the network administrator. It is thus impossible, thanks to this mode, to install or modify an application. It guarantees a very high level of security.
EDR (Endpoint detection & response) defines a category of tools and solutions that focus on detecting suspicious activity directly on hosts and network PCs. i-Guard is supported by FrenchTech

Source datasecuritybreach.fr

Main Features and Benefits:

  • i-Guard is a “Windows native” software. It is written in strict accordance with the architecture and security standards of access restriction of Windows (This is the only security software of this type on the market). It offers strict protection that does not fit never in conflict with x64 systems (Windows 7, 8, 10 … This is the only software of this type on the market).
  • Universal Architecture integrating the functions of all programs that require the use of sensitive resources (HIPS, DLP, etc).
  • Self protection of itself and other applications
  • Boxing and Sandboxing (Limiting access to resources and controlling access to resources).
  • White listing, Cloud and System profiling. Ideal solution for large companies: it covers the whole range of protections, only installs once and avoids thus updating and maintenance.
  • Trust Level Intelligent Analyzer. This feature allows i-Guard to take the decisions alone without having to refer to the user. May be activated or not by the administrator. This option creates reports on blocked software and their attempts to run.
  • Controls and prevents the installation of unwanted software (malware, viruses, botnet) on your computers.

A powerfull Management Console

With a redesigned graphical user interface and the incorporation of a new network deployment module, i-Guard extends its ease of use and adaptability to any kind of peer-to-peer network or corporate network.

I-Guard’s management console, which has the capability to manage the deployment of the i-Guard client on network devices, and manage their security, as well as the licenses acquired within the company, has been completely redesigned on several levels.

A console made for the network administrator

Management Console is one of the most important features of i-Guard, which was designed to make life easier for network administrators by providing them with a complete view of their network and reactive tools while allowing adjustments adapted to each post.

Several types of monitoring according to the typology of the stations or servers to be protected are proposed. All the settings are made with a few mouse clicks, from a standard workstation but also from a laptop, an i-Pad and also from an i-Phone … The graphical interface of the i-Guard management console much more intuitive it brings great ease of use in the management of many networked devices.

i-Guard is a windows service that installs from the management console