i-Guard Signs a New Strategic Distribution Agreement for Canada and USA with KEREON. KEREON is a Canadian Cyber Security specialist. 

Paris, June 1, 2017 – i-Guard is pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with KEREON. Founded in 2003, KEREON is the Quebec leader in cyber security training. The firm specializes in the resale of cyber defense technical solutions and in consulting.

kereon https://www.kereon.com/fr/accueilFor more than 10 years, Kereon has provided a world-class training and expertise experience to its customers worldwide, using a common sense approach in line with the ever growing worldwide Information Security challenges that companies are facing.

This new partnership with i-Guard will help North American customers with their assessment needs in security architecture. i-Guard solution will help to fully secure IT infrastructures with Artificial Intelligence.

i-Guard, first French EDR (Endpoint Defense & Response) solution is part of French Tech and has the objectif to help everybody to be cyber secure

« With this agreement, we open the doors of North America, benefiting from the expertise of a recognized distributor in these regions and the excellence of a training center of KEREON. KEREON is able to value an innovative offer like i-Guard … « says Thierry Goigoux, President of i-Guard. « 60% of existing i-Guard users are Americans and KEREON will allow us to respond to them with a high quality nivel. KEREON, which is a partner of various global brands and has also chosen i-Guard to be integrated in its catalog of training in cyber security: we are very proud of it. »